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Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production, sales of activated carbon environmental protection technology products of high-tech private enterprises. The company through the cooperation with the Committee of science and technology of South China University of Technology XX Province closely, the successful capture of the national key scientific questions -- activated carbon molecular suction pressure forming and the three state of matter exchange activation technology, has applied for patents at home and abroad. Be China upholstery Association indoor environment monitoring work, the committee identified as "indoor environmental purification recommended products" by national science building, in the indoor environment test center identified as "clean air environment recommended products".
Company production base is located in the township - World fireworks are, chrysanthemum stone carving: xxx. Outstanding people here, generation of great men! Here have given birth to pioneer and leader, countless Chinese revolution is a piece of red land! The people here for generations hard-working handy, use both hands to carve out an exquisite chrysanthemum stone exquisite works! So the land cultivated master craftsmen hand carved with many domestic production base, has become the focus of domestic carbon carving crafts.
Certain carving has large specific surface area, pore structure developed, aircraft with all-weather, automatic, thorough, long-term adsorption indoor, car, boat, toxic and harmful gas (such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide) function. And the market compared to other air purification products, it has no energy consumption, no two pollution, long-term safety etc.. It is also rich in profound cultural background and colorful appearance, is both a clean air and beautify the space functional environmental crafts; part of products are masters of sculpture and painting, and valuable for collection.
Certain carving is the domestic first carving gift industry pioneer, the company set the charcoal gift design, development and production and after-sales service in one, for many years dedicated to all the government agencies, civil society groups, universities, enterprises and institutions design, the production of customized carbon carving gifts, to meet the many clients in government, business, the opening ceremony and promotional gifts and other needs, you get the same praise.
Certain carving, carving gift customized expert!



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